The Masks of Nyarlathotep

Chapter 1: The Horror in Room 410

  • session date 6th August 2013
  • 12th Jan 1925 Isaac Clavell at Miskatonic University receives radiogram from Jackson Elias regarding The Carlyle Expedition.
  • Train to New York, interviews Jackson’s editor Jonah Kensington. Jonah provides access to Jackson’s note from Nairobi and the London Notes. Jonah possibly keeping something still under wraps in his office.
  • Jonah believes that Jackson was on to something big and world shaking.
  • Whatever it is, it has taken its toll on Elias’ health and sanity.
  • Thursday 15th Jan Clavell is finally contacted by a nervous sounding Jackson and they arrange to meet at Jackson’s hotel room.
  • Jackson is found sadly eviscerated, a symbol carved into his forehead. The three assailants are quickly dispatched and a number of clues recovered.
  • Instantly following one of the clues Clavell heads for the Explorers Club for an impromptu interview with the famed explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett another old friend of Jackson’s. Fawcett can offer sympathy and moral support but very little else.
  • Following another clue Clavell just makes the end of Professor Cowles lecture on The Cults of Darkness.



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